​​Diane Lessard - President

News of Interest

Editor: Andrea Pair [Andrea]

Palmetto Club’s Past Presidents Club

is proud to announce that a 4th scholarship will be awarded in May funded by the Past Presidents. 

Shown left to right first row then second row.

Terri Marusa, Gail Wootten, Gerry Voynovich, Andrea Pair, Josie Riedel and Janet Potter. The scholarship will be offered at Spruce Creek High and will be available for a male or female student.

At our May 3rd General Meeting, The Palmetto Club was proud to present the 2024 High
School Senior Scholarship winners with $1000 each for their higher learning pursuits.
Pictured (l-r) Vicki Teel, Scholarship Chairman, Ashley O'Neal from Atlantic High, Kyle
Kwong from Spruce Creek High, Brooke Elston from Seabreeze High, Carolina Velez
from Mainland High and Palmetto Club President Diane Lessard.

The scholarship money is sent directly to the financial office at the college the student will be
attending, Thank You Vicki Teel for coordinating and to the Palmetto Members Vivian
Moreau and Andrea Pair who assisted in the selection process. Palmetto Club member
Stevie Graham, and the Past Presidents (Gail Wootten,Terri Marusa, Gerry Voynovich,
Andrea Pair, Janet Potter and Diane Lessard) provide 2 of the scholarships and the
money for the other 2 are made at various fund-raising events throughout the year so “thank you” to all Palmetto Club members who make this happen.


Halifax Urban Ministries – SPECIAL REQUEST & CHANCE TO WIN

Chair Nancy Robinson (386-265-0105) would like to collect SNACK PACKS for HUM in the month of November. These are given to individuals who come into HUM, are hungry and need something right away to eat. Suggestions: Flip top cans of any food (tuna salad, Vienna sausage, beef-a-roni, beef stew, ravioli, chicken salad, mac&cheese). Fruit Cups, Jello, applesauce, soft crackers and cookies, Granola Bars, Pop Tarts, Crackers with Cheese or Peanut Butter, Snack Cakes, Individual packaged Cookies, Slim Jims, high protein drinks, Chips (small package), candy, gum, and Bottled Water.

Bring your items to the meeting in November and for each item you bring in, you will have your name entered into a drawing for a Thanksgiving prize to be pulled the second meeting in November.