What We Do

Fund raising activities include...

• Membership Dues
          * Active
          * Lifetime
          * Day
• GEI Catering Events
• Donations
          * Bequeaths
          * A Thank You
          * Birthday recognition
          * Memorials
          * Fashion Show
          * Spring Fling
          * Winterfest
          * Flea Market / Craft Show
          * Bed & Breakfast Tour
          * Antique Appraisal Fair
          * Boutiques
          * Raffles
          * Share the Pot

About Us

2021 - 2022 Palmetto Club Board of Directors

Our Mission

The Palmetto Club is a 501C3 organization. 
The Palmetto Club works to improve our community and to help people in it through volunteer services.

Our Pledge

While members are working for the betterment of the community, they are also enjoying fellowship, having a lot of fun and getting to know some of the finest women and men in this area.